Marriage should be heaven on earth. That's what God intended it to be. No, there's not many marriages that are. But you wouldn't plant a garden and expect to get good vegetables out of it, if you didn't keep the weeds out. It takes work. If you have never planted a garden, you may have to read some books about gardening. You may like to ask a couple that has a good marriage for answers to problems in marriage.

I say it takes 10 years of marriage to get to know each other and at 15 years, marriage gets good. That's a long time, but you don't have to wait that long, Follow God's pattern for marriage and you can get there quicker. My thoughts!

1. My Wife and I! 9. Do you know what day this is?
2. A Job of a Lifetime! 10. How to be Happily Married.
3. It's just like Play-Doh!
4. You can't get Honey like that!
5. I must think like Who?
6. It's a MAN's Job!
7. Does he hate marriage?
8. For Married Couples Only!

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