Marriage Works Like Play-Doh

God's word says that a married man and woman are to become ONE FLESH (Gen 2:24, Eph 5:31), that is Heaven when you get there. Before my sons were getting married I had a talk with them and their future wife. I had each son and his wife to be to each roll out different colored play-doh rods about the size of a pencil. When two people get married they can just be side by side, intertwined or tied in a knot. But if you start kneading the two rods of play-doh at one end it begins to make a completely new color. By starting at one end kneading the two together you always have something fresh.

Marriage doesn't roll the two rods into one big ball at one time. It may take years of kneading your lives together. That way your marriage is always fresh and exciting. Some marriages never start becoming one flesh. They just stay two independent rods and never learn the joys that God has for them under His plan.

Marriage starts at the beginning and spends a life time of kneading two people together. When we work at it the way God has planned, marriage can always be as fresh and exciting as the first day.


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