This is what the SONshine Express looked like when we got in in the summer on 1999. It was originally built as a moblie classroom on a 1978 motorhome chassis. It had two rooms with coat closets over the wheelwells.
We started removing the room partitions to make one larege room.
One day when I was not there, we had an overly ancious worker ( with good intentions) remove too much. He removed all the floor and the wheel wells. When I saw it my heart sank at all the extra work.
But we got it back together and made it better than it was before. We put it together with screws instead of staples.

A propane heater was installed in the new wheel.
We installed a 6500 watt Onan Generator. Two air conditioners and the PA system run on AC. The lights and heat run on batterys.
Tim Johnson from Hawley's Camping Center helped us with the Generator mounting and hookup.
Orval Goslaw did a lot of the finish work on the inside.
Oval worked several evenings.
George Stewart had some sheetrock guys to smooth out the walls.
Charles Bulter helped with wiring the lights.
This is the final product. A 7' x 22' room with Heat and AC.
Our PA system had been setting on the floor. Butch Phillimeano helped me put a cabinet in to mount it on.

Several people have helped put the SONshine Express together:

Jimmy Stephenson and Colon Batten have worked many years in the bus garage keeping the buses rolling. They have put many hours on the SONshine Express.

Raford Ivey built a stainless steel battery box to hold two big batteries.

Craig Journey supplied the battery for the lights and heater.

Tim Johnson with Hawley's Camping Center, helped with the generater, heater, inverter and all the RV type hookup.

Tommy Gardner with Auto Interiors & Tops, fixed the uphoustery better than I ever expeted it to be.

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