Bringing Kids and Adults to Sunday School


Mid-Way Baptist Church since 1968

Raleigh, N.C.

My wife and I had both trusted Jesus Christ as our savior before I (we) went into the Army and going to Vietnam. After leaving the Army, we came to Raleigh, N.C. and started attending Mid-Way Baptist Church. They were running 22 buses into the surrounding area. It Looked like a great ministry to me, but I knew I could not do it because I couldn't talk to people. Then a gentleman came to our house and he made a statement "God just wants us to be ourselves". I knew then I would get in the Bus Ministry. I started working the bus ministry in September 1973 and have been there ever since bringing kids and adults to Sunday school and church. Most of these kids come from broken homes and low income neighborhoods. Some are not too clean, some have bad manners, some talk bad and say things that are not very nice. Not the kind of kids that most people would want to come to "their church". But it is good that Jesus loves ALL kids and adults no matter where they live or what their condition in life.




This is a few of our routes

in the late 70's.




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Over the years, we have tried to have a good time with the kids!

Giving out goodies at Christmas

I once carried 34 Kids flying

And some of their parents

More kids flying with their teacher. The one on the left with his hand up is my son.

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The 22 bus routes of 1974 had gone down to 4 routes and July 4, 1999 was the last day our church ran a bus route. It was a sad day for me after being in the ministry for 26 years.

About 2 years earlier I met, at the Church Bus Convention at Gospel Light Baptist church in Walkertown, NC., Pastor Phil Batten from Cleveland, Ohio. He had a display about "HeavenTrain" his church on wheels. I called him after our church stopped the bus routes. He had a video, a manual and lots of information to share. Thatís how we got the "SonShine Express" on the road.

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