The Leprosarium at Qui Non

Vietnam 1972

The leprosarium was one of the most interesting places I saw in Vietnam. I went there with the Chaplain from Lane AHP, CPT Gary Sanford. It was started by the French years before. There was a hospital there to treat the lepers. I went in the hospital, but I just couldn't take their pictures. They were the happiest people even as sick as they were. They were happy to see us Americans. The leprosarium was the cleanest place I saw in Vietnam. When a person got leprosy, the whole family went there to live. The kids in the orphanage were also happy to see us. The orphanage was not clean like the leprosaium. Probably all these were killed when the communist took over.

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Entrance to Leprosarium

Clean streets

Leprosaium Location

Me at the Leprosaium

Cute Little girl

Orphanage at Qui Nhon

Orphanage at Qui Nhon

Orphanage at Qui Nhon

Orphanage at Qui Nhon

Orphanage at Qui Nhon

Missionaries been in Vietnam 50 years

These Missionaries have been in Vietnam 50 years


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